Barry Sebastian

Composer – Multi Instrumentalist – Engineer – Producer

Barry Sebastian is a multi instrumentalist and composer.  While at Cornish College of the Arts  studied composition with Jarrad Powell and Janice Giteck while studing voice with Jessica Kenny. His voice as a songwriter, composer, electronic musician and vocalist is an unconventional and unique one.  His works are wide ranging in styles from art pop to sound scape, from works for percussion quartet to full orchestra, from piano and flute duets to hip hop.

As a composer Barry has written works for the Seattle Chamber Players and Pacific Rims Percussion Quartet and the Seattle Philharmonic. Working with Markeith Wiley and the New Animals Barry has premiered music at Seattle’s 2012 Bumbershoot music and arts festival. Heis the driving force behind Sebastian and the Deep Blue.  A seven piece experimental art pop group based in Seattle. He is set to release there first full length record “Plastic Parts” on Nov 16th.  In 2012 Barry has been a studio guitarist, drummer and engineer. As well as live sound engineer working for Cornish College of the arts, Columbia City Theater and the Doe Bay Festival.

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Singer Songwriter Multi Instrumentalist Composer Sound Engineer and Educator