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Sebastian and the Deep Blue are playing at the Rogue and Peasant Friday 6/29

Hello Everyboday!

We gave doug a fantastic send off party, now he is on his way to serve in the peace corpse. That means that this month we will have a new guy on the saxophone at the end of this month. We met up for the first time last night and he has got skills. So lets show him a great first show with the Deep Blue. Thanks so much!

In other news the album is about half done as far as tracking. Which is very exiting, and everything is sounding fantastic if I do say so myself. I will keep you posted as things develop.

Thanks and stay happy

The Climb

Well I have finally posted the Deep Blues first home studio recording.  I am pretty happy with it all things considered.  “The Climb” was the first of the a long series of songs we will be releasing from the home studio.  I started writing the song in December had hoped to get it done by February but March looks like it was destined to be march.  This is also Emily’s first studio track ever so that is pretty monumental in itself.  Please check out “the Climb” and please re post it if you feel it worthy.