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Sebastian and the Deep Blue at Chop Suey 11/2/2016

Just a quick note, we are getting together for another local show at chop suey. It’s been a while since we have played on a school night. But on cap hill a Wednesday can be pretty fly. That’s the hope anyhow. Haha. But really I’m excited we are playing with Tenderfoot and Northern Thorns both tremendously cool talented bands full of beautiful nice people. Really happy with bill. 

As far as new things with the band go, I have been getting all the parts and pieces together to run lots of processing through l my computer giving select band members access to in ear monitors and giving me the ability automate effects and the like for our live show. At our last gig thanks to my new apogee ensemble I was able to process two vocals and a guitar and run synth tracks all through the computer. And by our next show I intend to run violin and a third vocal into that setup. I will make a post about the details of my computer rig in a few weeks. But basicallly it will take our live sound to a new level. I am very excited to see where it goes. More to come. 

Dusting off the old blog with a new purpose

So I’ve decided I have to get more active on this blog.  Haha. I guess I sort of just hold myself back from posting here for one reason or another. But, to be honest I’m not sure why. But I intend to figure out some sort of schedule and just post some things here. It’s here after all. The idea of putting committing words to a blog is somehow exciting and daunting to me:

Do I have to post something worth reading?
Are people going to critique my dyslexic spelling? (for sure, non dyslexics love to tell me how wonderful at spelling they are)
Or are people are going to get at me for my sentence structure?
Does what I think even matter? (I suppose not)
do I have to limit my postings to music? (not anymore)

Thats a short list of my many anxieties around written words as a form of expression, and yet I am still compelled to write about my many interests. After I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in December 2015 (expect a different post on this) I decided to look closely at my life and what I was doing with my time and what choices I was making and wether my actions/inactions were coming from a place of fear or a place of desire. I have made lots of changes in my life since December that have been extremely positive. And now I turn to this blog, it has always been a place where I harbored anxiety about its inactivity. And after thinking about it I realized what I have always known to be true about posting here. I don’t do it because of fear. And I am not interested in fear dictating my actions anymore.

So talking down my anxieties, why should I care if something I say comes off stupid. We are all hairless apes just pretending to be sofisticates after all. So admitting that I’m dull as a rock is the first step to me writing some stuff on this here blog. 

Why write something here? What’s the point?

Whats the point of anything, thats a good enough reason I suppose. I often I say nothing because I am afraid if I say something I am stuck with it forever. I want a place to share my thoughts on different subjects. But I don’t want to act dogmatically, I just want to think out loud. Pose questions. come up with theories. That sort of thing. I spend a lot of time thinking about things we (culturally) see as normal because they have been around for a long time, but are when looked at from my perspective, very odd. Like, in our education system for instance. The idea of grading people on understanding a subject. This is basically the norm for most systems. It is supposed to ensure some understanding before a student can move on. But grades don’t drive the majority of people to believe in themselves. They drive most people to give up if they don’t understand quickly. And early on if u o poorly in a class and u move forward anyway. Then students are stuck building on poor fundamentals. Really anything can be learned as long as there is time takin with the fundamentals. But a lot of time people become ashamed of working on fundamentals. Because fundemental skills can seem to easy on the surface. For an adult learner, it can be like “I’m smart as fuckkkkk, I’m 30 and pay rent and have a sweet car… algebra is for teens, so this should be easy” and when it’s not easy we give up and say I just don’t get it I’m to stupid etc. Where does this impulse from? Grades. No one needs to fail. They need to figure out the basics that they don’t yet grasp, then work on them. Most things can be simplified. We are just hairless apes pretending to cool after all. See, I’m dyslexic. And that being so, I grew up expecting to be terrible at certaint things. Tests, Reading, Bookreports, Math. And over the years of gradeschool and highschool I unlinked my self worth from the grades I received. As a kid I just thought: well I’m dyslexic so it’s not my fault I don’t get it. And I didn’t beat myself up too much. I guess I still hold some inward negativity from some of that. This experience made me comfortable asking for help and with admitting I don’t know something. For instance in an academic setting instead of pretending I understand a word the teacher is saying, I will without hesitation ask for definitions and clarifications. Then I hear a sigh of relief from those around me who are confused as well, but don’t want to speak up for fear of looking dumb. See I’m cool with looking dumb.

Wow… that was a tangent. And that’s what I want to use this space for tangents and random thoughts and sometimes music gear reviews or ideas. 

Also Sebastian and the deep blue taped for KNKX today for a radio show called sound effect. It was really great. We haven’t had the full band together since CHBP this year. Except slow jam. He was out in Europe. The episode will air on Nov 5th. We all got to be on headphones. They had all the backline amps. It was fun. 

A Life in C

I had the pleasure of writing music for the The Ancient Present chamber orchestra who did a reading a few weeks ago The Royal Room the recording is up on sound cloud, give it a listen. The idea of the piece is to reflect the way we humans feel our lives over the years. Each year progressively feeling shorter as each year is a smaller and smaller fraction of the entire life we have lived.


I had a hell of a weekend WITH my friends at doe bay for doe bay fest. This is my fifth year up there running sound for the otter cove stage with Gary and Andrew. 

This year we had an ls9 to mix on which was amazing and saved us tons of time. Artist home has put together an amazing weekend and community. 

I even got to play banjo and sing some songs at the open mic on the best stage in Washington.  

open mic banjo

Teeth Live at Deep Blue HQ

This is a 100% live video from our headquarters in downtown seattle. We shot this video in the hopes of getting selected for the NPR Tiny Desk concert series. Which is why we around that silly desk. Alas we did not make the cut, but that is really a non issue because we got to make this video. Eight mics in total provided for a surprisingly good live sound. I am looking forward to the next video we make next time we won’t be making it around a tiny desk. Enjoy :)

Truth Costs Money (live experimental video

This is some video taken from a couple of iPhones and a cannon 7D that I had the pleasure of cutting together on Final Cut. Show lighting being what it is makes for an ugly video without proper lenses so cutting this video together I decided to really embrace the distortions and create something watchable. The sound leaves a bit to be desired but overall I think it sounds pretty good for a handheld tascam recorder mixed with a little of the iPhones audio. It gave me lots of opportunities to work with new video editing concepts.

The new year is on a roll

It’s been a nice winter break for me but things are winding up quick. The deep blue is headlining at barboza February 12th. This is going to be a great big show for us. We are playing with a great couple of Seattle bands, Fine Prince opener and Tiny Messengers main support. Tiny messengers are releasing a record. I’ve been working on stop motion and animation style promo video that should be completed soon.

Beyond that The New Animals and Lotus body have both approached me about new music in this new year. Tomorrow morning Lotus Body is doing Le Fille for an all school assembly at north west school. We are also in talks with Seattle public library to do a bunch of shows at there branches in the spring. We will see if that actually pans out or not. The new animals and I will be working out new music for northwest new works festival in June.

The deep blue is also applying to an open audition for npr tiny desk concerts series. We had a film shoot last night. Two iPhones and a cannon dslr and eight miss to PT. It was a great experience though there were a few hang ups that put us a couple hours behind schedule.

When we got to our rehearsal space we we found the code to the door had changed. So we were locked out. And beyond that I discovered I had forgot the key to the office. It was a bumpy start. Setup took about an hour. But of course I got a few bum mic cables….NEVER BUY CHEAP CABLES. These were from a pack that came from guit center two mic stands and two cables. Blah, anyhow once we were up and running it was a great shoot. My favorite take got cut off by camera 1 this was disappointing, and it soured me for the night but looking back I over reacted. Anyways the video should be up on YouTube by the 19th. This is going to be the first of many live video shoots. That is the road forward for the band as I see it. I am vary excited to move forward with this process. Here is a shot from set up.



working on the video editing for take another way

I just got down to cutting some footage from the construction advertisement part of the take another way music video. we shot it last week and it was a totally good time. This commercial is a small part in a much larger video, but it already weighs in at 20 seconds. As I get going on this I am starting to think it is going to be a challenge to fit the whole story I have written on the story board into the length of one song. Especially take another way, which is only club banger length of 3:33 seconds. I am always glad to have more then enough to work and trim from there. I will def be flexing my twitter muscles to make this thing work. But I am thinking of augmenting the song for the video in someways. Maybe even do some re recording, or at least adding the bari sax to the existing recording for the sake of the video.

Sebastian and the Deep Blue Live on the 95.7fm

We had the pleasure of jumping on the airwaves with local radio  host Bob Rivers to promote our show at Capitol Hill Block Party next week. What a morning I couldn’t sleep at all the night before due to some nerves and lots of excitement. That said I think we did a mighty fine job for 9:45 am. haha.

“This morning we were joined in the Carter Subaru Live Theatre by a big Seattle band with a very unique sound.
Sebastian and the Deep Blue are a combination of strings, horns, percussion, guitar and just about any other instrument this talented bunch can get their hands on.
Barry Sebastian is the group’s founder and you can catch them live as part of the Capitol Hill Block Party line-up next weekend.”

It Just Isn’t

too many visions

take another way

Grown Tired Official Video officially released today!

I am extremely excited to release our latest music video Grown Tired. I am even more excited to introduce my co-star. PoRK CHoP ( the Dog. ) I met pork chop almost a year ago. I was already a big fan of her and her work… I mean she was a big deal then. And she still is really. We met briefly at one of those swanky garden parties in Manhattan.  Somehow in our short conversation I managed blurt out the idea of working on a video together. Not exactly “playing it cool” but I was excited, what can I say? It’s not every day you meet a star. “Talk to my agent” she said smiled and went off to sniff a tree trunk and some guys shoe.  This was very encouraging.

Of course I called the next day… and the day after that…  and the following week… and… and as the months past and still no response. My thinking began to shift from “she is a busy pug” to “who am I kidding, why would SHE want to work with ME.” Until one day when I got the call… PORK CHOP WAS IN.

Plastic Parts album review by the Monarch Review

Sebastian and the Deep Blue

You know that feeing walking through a fair, that warm feeling with all different sorts of folks around, banjos and acoustic guitars, delicious smells in the air, rides, games? That is the feeling of Sebastian and the Deep Blue’s new album Plastic Parts.

Listening to it, I find myself picturing people in red and white carnival outfits with big black mustaches holding hooked canes. I imagine large, spinning, lit-up wheels with people held to them by centrifugal force. I imagine rings thrown toward empty but heavy milk bottles.

Check out the full review at: