Grown Tired Official Video officially released today!

I am extremely excited to release our latest music video Grown Tired. I am even more excited to introduce my co-star. PoRK CHoP ( the Dog. ) I met pork chop almost a year ago. I was already a big fan of her and her work… I mean she was a big deal then. And she still is really. We met briefly at one of those swanky garden parties in Manhattan.  Somehow in our short conversation I managed blurt out the idea of working on a video together. Not exactly “playing it cool” but I was excited, what can I say? It’s not every day you meet a star. “Talk to my agent” she said smiled and went off to sniff a tree trunk and some guys shoe.  This was very encouraging.

Of course I called the next day… and the day after that…  and the following week… and… and as the months past and still no response. My thinking began to shift from “she is a busy pug” to “who am I kidding, why would SHE want to work with ME.” Until one day when I got the call… PORK CHOP WAS IN.

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