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Recording Club Songs

I belong to a recording club in Seattle, they leader Jamie puts out a prompt to the group and then we all write something, meet up and listen and discuss. It happens once every few months and as it does this album grows

These Old Stories

this is the first EP I made after I left Cornish. When I had my full chamber pop orchestra

Singing Selenium

Pennies attached to the selenium with tape. The selenium is the bass instrument of the gamelan orchestra effected by by ableton to make one of my early and favorite electro acoustic music pieces I put together

Plastic Parts live at Poncho

This is the live recording from my senior composition recital at Cornish, i remember it well it was a lot to put together but while it was happening I was really really happy.

Music For High Heels and Small Spaces

A collaboration between Cornish College graduates Barry Sebastian Snyder (Composer) and Abigail Northcott (Choreographer and Dancer).

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