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In my private music lessons, my focus will be to teach you how to love music as much as I do.  I will do this by digging into the mystical magical concept of rhythm. No matter the instrument or the song, rhythm will be our world. Timing as a musician is more important than anything else across cultures and styles. And timing is the thing that enables a musician to enjoy music on a deeper level. Together we can get at the heartbeat of music and build a solid internal clock making everything musical more enjoyable, more fun and more dancier (thats a word). There will be no homework!!! We will laugh and play songs together I won’t make you play things for me while I watch. Maybe down the line if you insist but our lessons will be always be good humored and guilt free haha. No need to worry if you haven’t practiced your scales or whatever. Scales are boring so I don’t blame you haha. Its up to you if you do that or not. When we have lessons we will PLAY music, memorize things and develop what we have been working on.  Its going to be fun times.

A deep understanding of rhythm, will in the long run make it easier for you as the musician to learn and memorize new melodies and chord changes and pick up new instruments with relative ease.  You will find yourself an asset to any band situation or jam or freestyle session or composing team or slam poetry crew. And wedding season comes around your will be wiggling and flailing as usual but on beat so all your friends will be mad jealous.

I spent years with making music without realizing the depth of work that needs go into rhythm and when I put that work in the world of music opened up in ways  just didn’t understand before. Rhythm takes time but it can be learned with the right approach and the approach we will take will be full of clapping, sining, songwriting, noises, chords some improvised composing.

Harmonies and melodies change deepening on whatever cultural or genre specific choices are being made, but the way rhythm works is consistent across styles

-fiddle tunes



-jug band

-rock and roll




-irish jig music

-indie pop

-corporate pop

-Journey (small town gurl)

-J pop

-K pop


-hip hop

-afro beat

-ancient yodeling

-carnatic music

-latin jazz


-punk music

– do I have to keep listing music styles?

-fine – barrelhouse piano blues

so email me and we can meet up for lessons Im flexible with meeting times and all that so lets try it out cheers!!!


barry (at) barry is the email you should contact me on




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