Columbia City theater Bourbon Bar

I played two shows this weekend… Friday and Saturday at the CCT bourbon bar.

Friday – Many thanks to Jason Grey who brought it home with the big bass and to Erika who played a mean tambourine

Saturday – my first solo gig ever… once the nerves past it was pretty fun, got good feedback and met some nice people.

Next show – September 24th at the Scarlet tree more details and poster to come… hoping to have written a couple new tunes by the show as well!



These Old Stories EP

artwork by Now What? Design

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These Old Stories EP

by Barry Sebastian Snyder

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Like with all my work, this music is copyrighted under the Creative Commons.

All of the songs of  “These Old Stories” were recorded in my basement with one microphone (oh the joys of multitracking).  If you or anyone you know is interested in recording a demo, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Finally, to the musicians who put time and energy into this project, thank you so very very much it has been my pleasure and honor to work with you.

Barry Sebastian Snyder

Singer Songwriter Multi Instrumentalist Composer Sound Engineer and Educator