music I have engineered

Music for which I have acted as the engineer


This was a record I did for my good friend and lead guitarist in Sebastian and the Deep Blue. We recorded in a tiny house in the back yard of his home in beacon hill. It was all recorded live with maybe one or two over dubs. Since the recording they have taken it all over the county and to Spain. It was recorded with logic pro x and mixed and mastered using mostly fab filter plugins.


The bulk of Sebastian and the deep Blue’s latests album “Meritocracy” was recorded with the help of Gary Mula at Columbia city theater’s recording studio. With over dubs recorded in the sunshine at volunteer park using an apogee duet. Then was mixed and mastered entirely on my computer using logic pro x as the DAW, and mostly fab filter plugins in the signal chain.


Drums and bass recorded at our rehearsal space with yamaha mr816 and a few nuemann 184’s as drum overs. Horns and violin recorded at Columbia City theater. Vocals at my apartment with my nuemann TLM 103.

I was the recording mix and mastering engineer for this record. It was written by hard working and talented friend Keith White for Satori Group‘s production reWilding. We recorded the record in the space that the play took place.


produced mixed and mastered in the basement of my home

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