Sebastian and the Deep Blue at Chop Suey 11/2/2016

Just a quick note, we are getting together for another local show at chop suey. It’s been a while since we have played on a school night. But on cap hill a Wednesday can be pretty fly. That’s the hope anyhow. Haha. But really I’m excited we are playing with Tenderfoot and Northern Thorns both tremendously cool talented bands full of beautiful nice people. Really happy with bill. 

As far as new things with the band go, I have been getting all the parts and pieces together to run lots of processing through l my computer giving select band members access to in ear monitors and giving me the ability automate effects and the like for our live show. At our last gig thanks to my new apogee ensemble I was able to process two vocals and a guitar and run synth tracks all through the computer. And by our next show I intend to run violin and a third vocal into that setup. I will make a post about the details of my computer rig in a few weeks. But basicallly it will take our live sound to a new level. I am very excited to see where it goes. More to come. 

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